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Free Featured Self-Study
Free Taxation Courses
  • 1041 Preparation: Understanding the Issues
  • Conducting Tax Research with Increased Confidence
  • IRS Practice Series: Representing Your Client at a 1040 Audit
  • The Advantages of Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans vs. SIMPLEs: What Every CPA Should Know
Free Accounting & Auditing Courses
  • IFRS Learning Module: Property, Plant and Equipment
  • IFRS Learning Module: Presentation of IFRS Financial Statements
  • IFRS Learning Module: Inventories
  • Non-Profits Operations and Accounting: An Overview
  • IFRS Learning Module: Earnings per Share
Free Featured Webinars
  • Overview of Cost Segregation
  • Repairs vs Capitalization Tax Regulations
  • Overview of California's Enterprise Zones
  • Research and Development Tax Credit Overview
  • Bonus Depreciation Update and Cost Segregation
  • Using Adobe Acrobat to Prepare 1040 Workpapers
  • Capitalization of Tangible Assets: Understanding the New Repair Regulations
  • The Seven Steps of Accounting Firm M&A: A Roadmap to Follow
  • The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013: The Rules for Collecting Sales Tax
  • Cloud Accounting for Your Schedule C Filers
  • Understanding What Your Partnership Agreement Should Include
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