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About FreeCPE
FreeCPE.com is another valuable free resource for the CPA Profession provided by CPAdirectory.com, Inc. CPAs are provided access to a library of free online courses and webinars when they apply and receive their FreeCPE membership credit card.

Since 2000, CPAdirectory.com, Inc. has provided CPAs with tools and resources to enhance their professional credential through its related websites including CPAdirectory.com, CPAclassifieds.com, CPAuniversity.com, CPApodcasts.com and now FreeCPE.com.

CPAdirectory.com is the only national comprehensive online directory of the CPA Profession with over 220,000 members. CPAdirectory.com provides the CPA Profession with an easy way to establish an internet presence at no cost. CPAs are provided with a free detailed directory profile which is searchable by name, geographic location and industry focus. CPAdirectory.com is used by employment agencies, banks, financial institutions, government agencies and business for verification of a CPA's credentials. CPAdirectory.com has no affiliation with the AICPA or any state society. CPAs that wish to be added to the directory may fax verification of their license status to 516-977-0643.

CPAclassifieds.com is the first and only syndicated classifieds website for the CPA Profession. It can be found on numerous websites throughout the Internet including some CPA state societies and other accounting organizations websites. Its e-newsletters is distributed to over 200,000 CPAs and accounting professionals twice a week. Click here to view the archives of past e-newsletters.

CPApodcasts.com is the first comprehensive audio and video directory for accounting professionals.
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